Simple, fast, agile, low cost, global

The Sigfox-technology is extremely low-barrier, startup friendly IoT-ecosystem. It’s easy and super-simple to deploy, one access point with minimum bureaucracy enables true global reach, and costs of deployments are very low. Having just recently been startups by ourselves, both Sigfox and Connected Finland will support your development projects both on technology and global support challenges – it’s truly unique ecosystem, where our aim is to enable all new kids on the block to reach limitless possibilities of the mass market IoT.

We are supporting developers to build interconnected devices and helping startups to go global.
As a Sigfox network and technology provider, we power the IoT with the simplest communication protocol.
You will get access to a wide range of tools, as well as be a part of an incredible community of people building amazing products based on the Sigfox technology.

Development Kits and Modules

We are providing all the necessary tools and technical knowledge for your development team so they can build better and more meaningful solutions.
Visit our office and get a trial use of SiPy Development Kit

Free subscription to the Sigfox network

We offer the first prototyping contracts for free because startups like free stuff! Sigfox has a global network and open ecosystem!

Knowledge and best practises

With Sigfox you will get an access to our learning programs, videos, tutorials, and experts. We are always happy to assist your startup building innovative products and launching new successfull businesses.

Sigfox Makers Tour

Stay updated because every now and then we organize a Sigfox makers tour where both Connected and Sigfox teams will present the network and its underlying technology, and run some demos and hands-on sessions using prototyping boards. These bootcamps are specifically made for makers, IoT startups, developers, and tech lovers. Come join us!