Sigfox Tech Overview and Resources

Sigfox is dedicated to giving a voice to the physical world, thanks to our dedicated network.

Simple: No configuration, no connection, no signaling
Autonomous: Very low energy consumption, allowing years of autonomy on battery without maintenance
Small: No large assets or multimedia, only small messages

How to start?

To start sending messages over the Sigfox network, you’ll need to use a Sigfox-compatible communication module or development kit. There are available dev-kits from a large number of our partners, using standard radio chipsets. At Connected Finland and Connected Baltics we use Thinxtra Xkit, SiPy and WISOL.

You need to be in an area covered by Sigfox to connect. Fortunately, we have taken care of that and you will be able to get connected in our markets in Finland and Estonia. You can check the coverage map for specific location.

Service Access
You will need a valid contract with us as Sigfox operator to retrieve the messages you send. We usually provide a free contract with access to the complete Sigfox service, if you join our partner program.

Contact us if you want access to the service to try and build prototypes. We are happy to provide to serious partners and developers some dev-kits.