As the Sigfox IoT nationwide operator in Finland and in Baltics, we help corporates unlock their potential of IoT deployment.

Connected Finland team consist of IoT experts who are all dedicated and eager to assist corporates from different verticals. We always stay up-to date with the latest trends in the world of IoT in order to provide our clients with the best practices and knowledge when it comes to IoT deployment. Our technology has powered companies like Securitas, Bosch, Airbus and many others.

Cost Reduction

Our low cost and energy efficient IoT-solutions can bring massive cost savings to many companies, by enabling better and more efficient business processes. The mass market, feasible IoT-solution is finally here, and by tenfold lower cost can unlock completely new ways to save costs and increase your business productivity.

Asset Management

Every day companies all over the world lose precious time and money due to lost, delayed or broken assets and poor visibility to their asset flows. Low TCO, energy efficient IoT-solutions help our customers to gain visibility and knowledge about their asset flows and vital business processes.

Leading with knowledge

Don’t you think it’s finally time to move from guessing to knowing, and leading by new kind of real time knowledge? Our new IoT-solutions enable mass volume sensor solutions for e.g. building management, office space optimization, air quality monitoring, agriculture efficiency, eco-friendliness and multitude of other business areas.

Revenue Increase

A true mass market IoT opens up massive new revenue streams and revenue increasing opportunities for companies capable and willing to deploy Low Power Wide Area IoT-solutions. Billions of new kind of ultra low cost sensors will change every industry, and the change has already started. Data is the new oil they say, but reaching data requires IoT-solutions and maintenance-free connectivity.