Marinacloud and IoT Net Adria protect marinas and vessels from damage with Sense4Boat, an IoT boat environment monitoring solution

4 November 2021

Marinacloud is a Croatian IoT company specialising in the development of technology-based solutions to protect marinas and boats.

Press Contacts

  • 0G Network Operator
  • IoT Net Adria is the Sigfox 0G Network Operator in Croatia, and end-to-end IoT solution provider delivering local service with global scale. For details on IoT Net Adria’s 0G Network and services, visit the company
  • Solution Partner
  • Marinacloud specialises in the development of nautical solutions and the digitisation of marinas and boats through IT solutions such as Sense4Boat. Visit the Sense4Boat website to see their full list of services.
  • Customer
  • Located on the Croatian island of Krk, Marina Punat is the largest marina in the North Adriatic sea. A modern marina with residential amenities, Marina Punat offers full yacht and boating services. Visit their website for more information.