The IoT Operator of Finland

Connected Finland is operating nationwide, dedicated IoT-networks powered by global Sigfox-technology. Our network covers already 85 % of Finnish population and hundreds of global and local ecosystem partners are already utilizing our Low Power Wide Area technology in their IoT solutions.




Providing Connected Solutions to the world’s largest IoT network

Connected Solutions provides and develops low cost, energy efficient IoT solutions based on global Sigfox-technology. FoxerIoT platform, custom IoT devices development, of the shelf products, IoT projects, ultra low cost global IoT connectivity – we have all the tools to make things come alive today.


Connected AirWits – smart temperature and humidity meter

Simple, wirelessly connected, maintenance free, ultra low cost, powerful, accurate – Connected AirWits is the perfect solution for long term indoor temperature and humidity metering.


Connecting Finland and the entire Sigfox IoT Ecosystem

Using Sigfox technology, Connected Finland provides an affordable, energy-efficient and simple network for sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things.

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    Reliable & Secure

Global Network

Sigfox, the world’s leading Internet of Things connectivity service is already available in 36 countries, and every continent. The network is the only truly global, seamless IoT-network and -ecosystem, with single contract access and unified backend. All solutions can utilize the power of the global network.

36 Countries

Roaming natively available

589 Million

People Connected

2.3 Million

KM2 covered


Ecosystem partners

Lowest cost

Sigfox devices and connectivity are many times cheaper than the legacy networks. Ultra low power consumption also enables very long lifetime for Sigfox-based solutions. Easy out-of-the-box installations and years of maintenance free lifetime means the lowest TCO, and the first true mass sensor technology


per device

< 20 €

Ultra-Low Cost Devices

1-2 €

Low-Cost Modules


Than Mobile Subscription

Longest battery life

Sigfox devices are up to 300 times more energy efficient than traditional mobile IoT-devices, and everything in Sigfox technology specification is designed for energy saving and ultimate efficiency. The output power of device transmission is only 25mW, yet enough to power long range transmission and enable simple and long lasting devices.

100x less

power consumption than mobile networks

+10 years

battery life

Over 20,000

Messages from simple battery

Less Energy

To send a coordinate

Long Range

Sigfox is the leading Low Power Wide Area Networktechnology, where messages can travel even hundreds of kilometers. The Sigfox operator community shares it’s coverage maps openly, and is committed to build robust and redundant network in order to be able to offer the best possible coverage.

1151 KM

Longest distance transmission from portugal to azores


Simple to start using


With nationwide networks


Operated Network with Service Level Agreement

Reliable & Secure

Sigfox network has unique built-in security, and great operational reliability together with huge capacity. The Sigfox ultra narrow band message transmission is extremely tolerant for all interferences. Operated, star network architecture is always very robust and provides guaranteed service levels. Sigfox is also DDoS and malware free, due to small message payload.


secured network


one safe cloud


only certified devices



We power the world's largest IoT network

Discover the real-time statistics of our networks





Use Cases

The Industrial sector is a major sector for the IoT, especially when sensors are involved: it can be to monitor temperature or status of machines, for security, for workers.

Use Cases

Smart Industry

The Automotive industry is disrupted by the new possibilities offered thanks to Sigfox technology when it comes to security, tracking, car monitoring, assistance and insurance.

Use Cases

Automotive & Fleet

Telemetering is often used as the #1 example for the LPWAN market since it’s one of the most mature ones. But needs are very diverse in the utility sector, as well as for companies that manage natural resources.

Use Cases


The population is getting older, and connected devices and environments will help the population with value-added services, such as fall detection systems, connected assistance, tracking devices, but also all sorts of connected sensors and medical devices for the home or the hospital.

Use Cases


Smart Home is a major subcategory within the Internet of Things. Many B2C devices and solutions will fit into this category: GPS trackers, pet tracking solutions, various range of sensors. It also contains all kinds of smart security systems, including connected smoke detectors.

Use Cases

Smart Home

The Internet of Things can be really useful for management of retail supply chains, to track assets at various storage centres.

Use Cases

Smart Retail

The agriculture industry is looking for new ways to monitor and manage the fields and optimizes resources (money, time and fertilizers). Connected sensors are the ideal solution for this industry. Smart agriculture also includes all sorts of solutions and devices that can help better manage the environment or that can be used by farmers.

Use Cases

Smart Agriculture

Cities or local governments need new solutions to improve the way they manage their resources, the way citizens get access to a various range of services. From lightning to parking, from waste management to traffic control.

Use Cases

Public Sector

For Developers

Connected Finland enables smarter, simpler solutions, open ecosystem and better business performance.